Firefighter Tim shares tips for Fire Prevention Week AND shows us the Fire Extinguisher Workout

One of the biggest parts of a firefighter’s job is staying fit, as it’s one of their best tools to help in fire prevention.

As part of Fire Prevention Week, Firefighter Tim shares things we can do to keep our families safe AND introduces us to his biggest inspiration in “picking it up”… not “slowing down” when it comes to getting older and exercising.

Tim tells us that a close family friend, Joe Galbo, who is a retired IFD firefighter and someone who he’s have looked up to in this industry, has been Tim’s motivation to stay in shape the older he gets. Tim says:

When Joe turned 40, he didn’t slow down; he picked up the exercise.  I can remember my dad talking about it when I was a kid and how since Joe turn 40 he just really took his exercise to another level.  Since the day I got hired, that has been my motivation.  And every year I get closer to 40, it is my goal to not slow down, but pick it up.”

Bench body workout

It’s time to turn any weight bench or park bench into a full-on gym. By just adding a bench to your workout, you can add resistance and difficulty that can help you get your heart rate pumping and your muscles burning. Here are several that you can try out: (by the way, this is a pic of Tim as a kid… how cute!)

Bench step-ups
Shoulder push-up
Leg lifts
Single leg squats
Single leg get ups
Triceps extensions
Mountain climbers
Side to side bench hops
Bench box jumps
Push up pass thoughts

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