Annessa’s Just One Thing: Just One Action to Boost Your Immunity

Hey! I’m Annessa, your nutritionist. Your immune system need a boost this time of year – so let food be your first defense. One of the easiest ways to get in vitamin C – the nutrient whose role it is to fight those invaders – is to eat 3 easy-peelers a day.  In 3 little mandarins, you will receive most the recommended vitamin C you need for the day. Perfectly packaged in its own little to-go case that even a kid can peel with no mess. I put these in my purse for a quick convenient on-the-go snack, and for your kids, leave them out on the counter, because kids are more likely to pick up – and eat- what they see. Remember, you need weapons- in the form of food – to fight those colds this time of year. The nutritionist recommends vitamin C, and taking it through food daily. Find these in your local store- they will say fruits from Chile, and you can get more information at, and you can get more health tips at

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