Police: Mom, daughter overdose at same time in store

Stacy Felix and her daughter, Jessica Chauvin, were resuscitated Oct. 21, 2017, at an Ashland City, Tennessee, Dollar General store. (Photos Provided/WKRN)

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A mother and daughter both reportedly overdosed at the same time in an Ashland City Dollar General store on Saturday.

Investigators said the women overdosed on cocaine laced with fentanyl. Ashland City police told News 2, a WISH-TV sister station, that the lethal substance tested positive at the scene.

Stacy Felix and her daughter, Jessica Chauvin, were resuscitated at the scene by emergency responders.

Officer Joseph Hunter was one of the first to arrive.

“It was pretty apparent what is going on — eyes roll back in their head, lips turn blue, both at the same time — too much of a coincidence not to be an overdose,” he said.

According to investigators, 49-year-old Felix had no pulse when responders arrived.

“She is not breathing. To my knowledge, she has already coded at least once to that point,” the officer said.

A criminal history showed daughter Chauvin has a long arrest history for burglary, assault and drugs.

“The daughter was in the doorway and noticed her eyes roll back in her head and become unresponsive,” Hunter said.

The officer said the 33-year-old allegedly swallowed the drugs in her possession when she saw police officers arriving.

“There are conflicting reports, still under investigation, but it very well could have happened that way,” the officer said.

Investigators said the women may have overdosed on cocaine laced with fentanyl, a synthetic opiate 100 times more powerful than opium. Field tests showed evidence of fentanyl.

“It is, and most of our ODs we work, are because of something laced with fentanyl. Not sure why it is so readily accessible, it is a controlled substance that hospitals and EMS (emergency medical services) would have, but not something you can go to your drugstore and purchase,” said Dan Schaeffer, the chief of Cheatham County EMS.

Schaeffer said both women were resuscitated with Narcan, a device that delivers naloxone, an anti-overdose drug that can literally bring people back to life.

“When you bring them back, one of the first things they tell you is you wasted it because I am going to do it again,” the EMS chief said.

The mother was taken to a Nashville hospital while her daughter was taken to one in Ashland City where she was treated and released.

News 2 was told charges are pending, and Ashland City police are investigating who may have sold them the drugs to charge them as well.

Schaeffer says Narcan doses have been administered 125 times this year, saving 87 overdose victims. There have been six overdose deaths so far.