Take a stand against falling with AutoFarm Mobility

The hard fact is… falls increase with age… BUT… if your goal is to stay independent at home, take a look at this. Jim Kissling, AutoFarm Mobility, shares ways to help prevent falls and keep living an active, normal life.

*              Falls are #1 cause of death & injury in seniors

*              27,000 people aged 65+ die from falls

*              2.8 million are treated in emergency departments from falls

*              $3.1 Billion dollars in health care expense each year

*              Notify doctor if you’ve fallen, worry about falling, or seem unsteady.

*              Medication side effects may cause dizziness/sleepiness, even OTC meds

*              Optimal vision and footwear can prevent falls too

Get your free copy of the CDC safety checklist at AutoFarm Mobility!

Stay active! Leg strengthening and balance exercises can prevent falls and build confidence.

*              Most falls happen at home.  Make the home safe.

*              FREE – Remove floor clutter, tape down rugs, secure cords, be aware of obstacles

*              FREE – Keep areas well-lit (replace burned out bulbs, install glow switches, nightlights, use scooter headlight)

*              FREE – Move common kitchen items to lower shelves.

*              Fall Prevention tools – Retain balance by using the HandyCane…a cane and grabber in one!  pick up / reach for objects

*              Fall Prevention tools – Install grab bars, handrails, and anti-slip tape in bathtub or shower. Use Stand Up Walker to help raise from the toilet.

*              Fall Prevention tools – Consider anti-slip threshold ramps, or portable ramps when traveling to minimize stairs.

*              Fall Prevention tools – Get up slowly from a seated/lying position with a lift chair Recliner

*              If a non-medical fall happens, avoid embarrassment from calling fire department for a lift assist with the Raizer by Liftup.

*              The Raizer is easily assembled and placed around the fallen individual without strain to neither the fallen person nor the assistant. The person will be securely lifted within minutes.

*              This is about safety of the fallen person and the caregiver BOTH!

Take a Stand against Falls this autumn…. and year round!

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