Women’s Leadership Conference returns this weekend

“Capture your full potential” at this weekend’s 2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Conference.

Mary Aurtrey, Network Director, NAFE/Women In Networking, Indianapolis, tells us what’s in store!

The National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) and Women In Networking (WIN) to host their 2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Conference, Sat, Oct 28, 2017 (7:30am to 3:00pm) at the Army National Guard Army (Ft. Harrison), 9920 E. 59th St., Indianapolis. Keynote Speaker is Robbie Motter, NAFE’s Executive Global Coordinator coming from California. The theme is “Capturing Your Full Leadership Potential”. NAFE/WIN will entertain you with motivational speakers, Keynote Speaker and NAFE Global Coordinator Robbie Motter, class presenters, fabulous breakfast & lunch, Vendors, and Leadership Education and Networking Strategies, with Ron Sukenick, local and national renown author and speaker. Register at: www.winleadershipconference2017.com.

Questions about NAFE/Women In Networking (WIN):

  1. When did Women In Networking (WIN) form or become a NAFE Network  organization?

Women In Networking was founded by Claudia Gilliard and Mary Aurtrey in 1994.  It was sanctioned by the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service Center, Indianapolis, Indiana in 1996.  After concern and extensive research about women being treated unfairly in and out of the workplace, hitting the “glass ceiling”, having a disparity of pay (significantly less than men) for the same work, we decided to form an organization to bring awareness of these issues to the forefront by having formal monthly education and training programs.  Along with these issues, we decided it was time to help advance progress in women’s causes such as prevention of domestic abuse, homelessness, promote health and wellness, education, and also help homeless Veterans (males and females) who have served their country become more productive citizens, and fight hunger in America.

  1. Is WIN a For Profit or a Non-For Profit organization?

It is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit organization.

  1. What is the composition of your membership?

Women of various culture and background, retirees, (military and civilian).  Because most of our members are government employees (military & civilian), they are transient, meaning a lot have retired, moved to other states, or moved on with their careers over the years.  Some retirees and others still hold membership with NAFE and WIN.

  1. What kind of committees does Women In Networking have?

There are 7 committees:  Membership/Recruitment, Secretary, Treasurer,       Webmaster/Photographer, Fundraiser/Wellness, Administration/Event Coordinator,         Senior Network Advisor.

  1. What is WIN’s mission?

Women In Networking’s mission is to provide networking opportunities and community volunteer services for women, function as a valuable resource of information and community connections.

  1. What is WIN’s vision?

Women In Networking’s vision is to help people achieve their goals, form long-lasting partnerships with other organizations that could advance the organization to new heights, mentor women, help women with careers, business, education, and prevent homelessness and hunger in America.  Lastly, to have a well-known legacy of making positive differences in people’s lives.

  1. Based on your Mission and Vision for Women In Networking, what has been the most successful or gratifying opportunities or service you have provided?

The most gratifying is seeing women over the years improve their lives and reached new heights because of the professionalism, education, resources, and assistance, including mentoring, that WIN has provided.  Also, conducting food and clothing drives and serving hot meals to homeless Veterans.

  1. What Strategies are WIN using to improve or advance the organization? 
  1. Provide a website to advertise NAFE/WIN businesses.
  1. Provide a wide range of guest speakers every month for Knowledge-Sharing events from Secretary of State of Indiana, State Legislatures and Representatives, Judges, State Directors, including the Director of the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs, Executive Director of Small Business Administration (SBA), Community Leaders, Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce.
  1. Conduct quarterly membership drives.
  1. Conduct quarterly board of director meetings to stay abreast of organization status, make and carry out decisions affecting the organization.
  1. WIN is at three-time winner of the Indiana Governor’s Torchbearer Awards for performing outstanding community volunteer services that helped provide quality of life for families, and it is the winner of NAFE’s 2008 Woman of Excellence Awards for Mentoring.
  1. Provide annual “Professional Image” events to encourage professional attire in the workplace.
  1. Partner with Woman’s Life Insurance Society for Community Volunteer Service Grants to help defray the cost of the meals served to homeless Veterans semi-annually.
  1. Participate in women’s causes such as the Susan Komen Race for the Cure, Awareness and Prevention of Domestic Violence by working with the Julian Center for Abused Women.
  1.  How has these Strategies helped the organization?

Our organization has evolved from a social network into a more seasoned and professional network, extending out into the community and with state Legislatures.

  1. What challenges you have faced through the years as a Network, and how did you handle or resolve them?
  1. Recruitment and Retaining members. Over the years, members have either retired, moved to another area, or decided not to renew their memberships.  On the other hand, we have people who renew their membership annually.  We have had to change the way we recruit members, using more widespread media.  As for retaining members, we offer more activities, partner with other organizations more, and provide Networking opportunities for members away from work.
  1. Fundraising  – Legal restrictions on Government property.  No fundraisers or selling in the workplace.   Finding places to conduct fundraisers can be expensive.
  1. Because most of our NAFE/WIN activities are held during the lunch hour, attendance is not what we would like it to be because most employees only get 30 minutes for lunch, and our programs are an hour. If employees would like to stay for the hour, they would have to take vacation time or consult their supervisor.
  1. NAFE/WIN is a small, yet powerful, non forprofit organization, where other organizations or individuals see as a “front-runner” or a leading organization that they can emulate.   Sometimes, when this happens, programs get duplicated or credit goes to the larger organizations.
  1. Does your organization have Mentors and Mentees?

Yes.  In fact, Women In Networking was the first organization at the place of employment to have Mentoring and also Knowledge-Sharing Events (or Lunch and Learns).  Later on, the HR department developed a Mentoring Program for all employees.

  1. How do you Mentor your WIN members?

We have various forms of Mentoring:

  1. One-on-One
  2. Attend HR classes together
  3. Attend Monthly Knowledge-Sharing Events
  4. Participate in WIN Networking activities, for example, walk in the “Susan Komen’s Race for the Cure”, walk in the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event”, and other causes effecting women and families.
  1. What are some Reasons to Join WIN?
  • Local Indiana Network for the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), one of the largest associations for women professionals and business owners in the U.S., headquartered in New York.
  • Three-time Recipient of the Indiana Governor’s Torchbearer Award, Distinguished Woman of the Year Award for Woman’s Life Insurance Society, and NAFE’s Woman of Excellence Award for Mentoring.
  • Focuses on strong Community Volunteer Services and Networking
  • Making a Real difference in the workplace, community, and personal lives of others.
  • Valuable Resource for providing education, training, and information for various issues through monthly Knowledge-Sharing Events (Lunch and Learns).
  • Monthly Speaker’s Forums which ranges from Indiana Secretary of State, Legislators, State Representatives, Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs Director, Judges, Executive Director, Indiana Commission on Women, and a host of other professional speakers.
  • Provides Annual Food and Clothing Drives and donates to the community (HVAF), Julian Center, and the Good News Ministries

Homeless Shelter.

  • Public Advocacy to empower women to achieve their personal and career goals.
  • Advocate for homeless Veterans (housing, jobs, & education).
  • Advocate for women and family issues on domestic abuse, IPS Annual International Multicultural Education Events, awareness & prevention of health concerns (cancer, heart diseases, diabetes).
  • Partner with other professional organizations.
  • Continue the legacy to empower women to pursue pay equity and leadership positions within the workplace and organizations.
  1. If someone or an organization wanted to join WIN, how could they join?

Contact us on line at www.nafewin-indy.com, or call me (317-212-0887), or our Co-Director Lottie McCallister (317-212-8743), or WIN’s Membership Chairpersons Gloria         Hill (317-212-5563) and Lolita Hyche (317-212-6866).  We will be more than happy to assist you.

  1. What is the fee to join WIN?

$45 Annual Individual Membership.  $100 Annual Organization Membership. 

  1. What is an Immediate goal of WIN?
  1. To Partner with the Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce to Network/Collaborate on various issues.
  2. To Help build community connections.
  3. To promote membership through Networking and Advertisement
  4. To have more weekend and evening activities or workshops & seminars.
  5. To build strong relationships with Chamber members and their affiliates.
  1. What are some benefits that WIN offers?
  • Effective Networking and Speaking Opportunities before Professional Audiences
  • Fortune 500 companies connection through NAFE
  • Membership in a unique organization that provides opportunities and community service to make quality of life better for Indiana individuals and families.
  • Advocate for helping homeless Veterans and families overcome their challenges.
  • Monthly Knowledge-sharing Events or Lunch & Learns with information and professional speakers at no charge.
  • Platform for hosting or co-hosting meetings.
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • NAFE/WIN’s website: nafewin-indy.com
  • Community Volunteer Services in connection with local TV Stations.

Opportunities for Home-based Businesses

  1. What kind of Community Volunteer Services does WIN provide?
  1. WIN provides meals to homeless Veterans at local shelters
  1. Provides meals to families who reside at the Ronald McDonald House while their children are cared for at Riley Children’s Hospital.
  1. Provides food and clothing to the Good News Ministries Homeless Shelter
  1. Provides Clothing and Toiletry items to the Julian Center for Abused Women and Children.
  1. Volunteers and assists with local Public Broadcasting Radio & TV Stations Membership Drives and Children’s Programs.
  1. Volunteers as Door Greeters, or wherever needed, with the Annual “Speaking of Women’s Health Conferences
  1. Hand out reading materials (books, etc) to hospitalized Soldiers and Veterans on the Annual “Day of Sharing” in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  1. Participates in the State-wide Coalition Military-Veteran’s Legislation Day
  1. Vendor at the Indianapolis Multicultural Educ International Annual Festival
  1. What are your future plans for WIN?

            To make America a better place to live, work, and play by helping women achieve their personal and professional goals, and pursuing the fight against homelessness and hunger in America. 

  1. What can this radio listening audience do for your organization?

First of all, we appreciate you connecting us with this audience and for taking the time to listen to who we are and what we do as part of NAFE.  Women In Networking certainly could use more publicity by getting the word out there about us, using many forms of media, helping our organization rise to the next level, and joining us.  One does not have to be in the same tate to be a member of WIN.  The more partnerships, the stronger all of us would be.

Testimonials from our 2016 Conference:


To learn more, visit www.nafewin-indy.com.