Indy DPW prepares for snow season

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With temperatures in the 70s last week and cold rain this week, Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind. So how do you prepare? The Department of Public Works says its doing the preparation ahead of the snow season.

Even if the snow is yet to come, the plows are already out and DPW crews are on standby.

“We have 290 equipment operators out there, 80 trucks, and we have 20,000 tons of salt ready. Drivers and workers aim to clear the way for everyone’s commute,” said DPW Director Dan Parker.

During a news conference Tuesday morning, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett joined DPW to go over the city’s plan to clear the main thoroughfares; 7,000 miles within the city.

“Our plows are fueled up. The barns are full of salt. So, the moment a weather forecaster utters the first ‘Let it snow,’ of the season, Indy Snow Force will be ready to answer, ‘Bring it on,’ said Mayor Hogsett.

He didn’t exactly utter ‘Let it snow,’ but WISH-TV meteorologist Ken Brewer did mention the word ‘snow.’

“We’re getting numbers in the 40s and may see a few snowflakes this weekend. But I don’t think this is necessarily going to be a big weather event that we’re going to see this weekend,” said Brewer.

But if there is one thing we Hoosiers know; winter is right around the corner. And that means, well…that could mean anything.

“The forecast is kind of difficult. But, at least at this point, some signs point that there may be at least active weather patterns here this winter,” Brewer said. “Whether or not it’s going to be more rain, more snow, more ice is yet to be determined.”

And once mother natures makes up her mind, crews will follow.

“To us here at DPW, that means ready for ice, snow, even thunder storms this winter,” said Parker.

DPW does not plow residential streets unless they’ve accumulated six inches or more of snow. They want to caution drivers, do not pass plow trucks for both your safety and the truck driver’s safety.