Author discusses living a full life beyond 90

Her first chapter is entitled, “Where are all the old folks? Good God, I’m 90!”

Indianapolis resident Georgia Buchanan is releasing her third book, How to Live beyond 90 without Falling Down, just prior to her 91st birthday. She mixes serious advice with her well-known humor to create a book of life’s lessons she has learned–and continues to practice.

The advice in her book will be beneficial to persons her age (), their children, and their grandchildren. Each chapter ends with a series of questions related to that chapter’s topic and a space for taking notes, making the book ideal for book clubs and discussion groups. In addition to Buchanan’s own advice, it contains quotes from notables and unknown alike that help drive home the author’s points. One quote from Dr. Mehmet Oz points out the relevance of the book: “The number of North Americans 90 and older has tripled in the past 30 years.”

As described in her second book, 428-1/2: My Journey Beyond the Railroad Tracks, her memoir that begins with her growing up as the daughter of Greek immigrants in The District, a section of Indianapolis just west of downtown, she gives credit to living a long and healthy life to her wise and loving parents, her diet, a positive attitude, and making the right lifestyle choices. No one would ever guess that she’s her age–recently, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles kept checking their computers, thinking her birth year was a typo­–and she is not slowing down.

Just some of Buchanan’s many and varied adventures include landing in a plane on a glacier; interviewing scores of famous TV and film stars when she covered what became known as the “Golden Age of Television” for the Indianapolis News; riding a donkey to her parents’ village in Greece; becoming an accomplished painter, with her work often featuring scenes of her world travels (and she is planning yet another trip to Greece); attending Elvis’ last show (she had interviewed him many years before); being a television-show host; and, as a volunteer, organizing gala events, raising millions of dollars for charities.

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