Monday Mailbag: Toast the holidays with these beverage products

Get in the mood for some holiday cheer that’ll tempt your tastebuds! Here are today’s products:  


Why does draught beer taste so much better than out of a can, bottle or growler? It’s the bubbles, and only Fizzics has the patented microfoam technology to create the uniformly dense and compact carbonation that raises the flavor and feel of canned and bottled beer to craft-brew standards. Compatible with any size of can, bottle or growler and completely portable, Fizzics’ new, streamlined Waytap is battery-powered, making it the perfect companion when you want to draw a line at roughing it.

Sukari Spirits

Tantalize your tastebuds with Sukari Spirits; a trendsetting, daring and voda-based spirit that invigorates the senses with its unique and super fruit blend. Whether you have a friends get-together, or just a relaxing day at home, the Sukari Spirits’ smooth and sensual flavor makes for the perfect hybrid drink for any occasion.

The Sukari Spirit’s bold personality comes from the perfect pairing of an ultra-premium vodka infused with the passionate super fruit flavors, meeting the needs of the health-conscious drinker by containing nutrient packed super fruits and vegetables with no gluten, added sugar or artificial flavors and colors.

Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea

With an amazingly smooth and lightly sweet taste, Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea offers a subtle caffeine effect similar to green tea. Whether you enjoy it hot or iced, Coffee Leaf Tea is the coffee plant’s best kept secret!

Coffee Leaf Tea contains a rare polyphenol named mangiferin, which is typically found in mangoes, and has been used in traditional Indian, Central American, Chinese and African medicine for decades. With similar caffeine levels to green tea, Wize Monkey Coffee leaf Tea provides a clean clarity and focus, but without the crash or attack on the nervous system like traditional coffee. It contains chlorogenic acids, which is also found in green coffee beans, which have made green coffee extract wildly popular in health and nutrition circles due to their antioxidant and metabolism-boosting effects.

Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea is available in 5 flavors, including Earl Grey, Jasmine, Mango Party, Minty Marvel, and Original.

Even more than the incredible health benefits, Wize Monkey is making an amazing impact on communities in Nicaragua. Harvested in the offseason, which is 9 months long, Wize Monkey creates 1,000 year-round jobs on coffee farms, and mitigates seasonal hunger in these communities. This in turn boosts rural education and student retention, as young students do not have to leave school to pursue odd jobs because of a lack of stable income at home. You can learn more about their impact here.