Athleisure wear for babies and toddlers

The comfy, workout look? It’s not just for adults anymore! Introducing…. Yogababy… athleisure clothing for babies and toddlers!

Jessica Lynch, Owner, Yogababy Clothing, says, “Wearing your workout clothes every day for almost any occasion is a serious trend these days. This is because they look good and are comfortable, especially if you’re like me and have a little one to chase around.”  

Yogababy is practical for everyday adventures with your little one. It is soft and stretchy, so your baby can feel great practicing all those new moves. Yogababy also uses wicking fabrics, so it dries easily from all of that baby spit up. And finally, it’s clothing that doesn’t stain! Jessica says she was so sick of buying baby clothes that would stain from just a little baby puree. So, Yogababy features ultra cute comfy pieces that last and that make sense for everyday life!

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