Hamilton County officials rekindle rail versus trail discussion

Trains are displayed at a museum at Noblesville's Forest Park. (WISH Photo)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — A public discussion Wednesday night in Hamilton County was all about rails and trails.

The Hamilton County Council hosted the meeting, and plenty of residents showed up with opinions.

Currently, the plan is for the Nickel Plate Rail to become a Monon-style pedestrian trail south of downtown Noblesville and for the rail line to keep operating for an historical train from Noblesville north.

But, the train versus trail debate has been going strong for more than year, and residents we spoke with tonight think to lose the train at all would be a huge mistake.

“There are over 330,000 people in Hamilton County and a lot of them like to go down to Indianapolis for excursions, for all kinds of entertainment options,” said Mike Corbett, who wants the train to stay. “There’s so much potential that it’s hard to understand how our elected leaders can’t see it.”

The decision ultimately rests on the mayors.

City leaders have said it would cost $3.7 million to get the train updated enough to meet standards.