Hoosiers weigh in on Sunday alcohol sales in annual survey

Ball State Hoosier survey (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Fewer Hoosiers want alcohol sales on Sunday than three years ago, according to the 10th annual Hoosier Survey conducted by Ball State University and Old National Bank.

The survey shows that in 2014, 59 percent of Hoosiers were in favor of Sunday sales. That number dropped this year from 59 to 58 percent in favor of Sunday alcohol sales. As lawmakers continue to debate the issue, so do Hoosiers.

At Alabama Liquors, they’re taking advantage of a slow Thursday by stocking deliveries. Chester Smith helps run the store and he tries to get the shelves stocked ahead of every weekend.

“Friday is the busiest day. Saturday being a close second, sometimes it could go the other way around,” said Smith.

Part of that fluctuation is more people drinking on the weekend, and the other part is people stocking up for Sunday, when liquor stores are closed.

“In the past I’ve said that I think people need a break from alcohol, and Sunday would be a great day to get that break,” said Smith.

Not only does Smith not want an extra day to stock the shelves, he says they don’t need it, either. Of the 600 adults surveyed, 58 percent supported alcohol sales on Sunday.

“You have guests over, you might want to throw something on the grill and have something to drink,” said Indianapolis resident Anthony Harvey.

“Indiana is behind the times. They need to join the times, serve alcohol on Sundays,” Harvey continued.

From a business standpoint, Smith said he isn’t so sure a change of that kind would make sense: “The sales would go up. I’m not sure about the profit. Again, it’s another day where you have to be open that you weren’t open and sales have to be pretty brisk.”

“It won’t keep them from drinking because you still drink on Sundays,” said Harvey.

The survey also touched on cold beer sales — something 61 percent of Hoosiers favor and a number that has not changed since 2014. Click here to read the survey in its entirety.