Bystanders rescue children, 9 and 12, who went into pond

Two shoes float in a retention pond Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, on Grenada Circle in Cold Spring Estates subdivision after a 9-yera-old was rescued by bystanders. (WISH Photo/John LeSage)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A 9-year-old boy who wanted to swim in a subdivision’s retention pond Tuesday afternoon was taken to the hospital after bystanders helped rescue him and his sister, authorities said.

The boy and his 12-year-old sister remained under observation Tuesday night at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, said a news release from Indianapolis Fire Department. The boy was alert as he was taken to the hospital and his sister was conscious the whole time.

“The 12-year-old girl told firefighters that her brother wanted to go swimming and entered the water despite her objections,” the release said.

The girl went into the water after her brother, but soon found herself in trouble as well and began screaming for help.

The fire department did not name the children.

An ambulance was dispatched shortly after 4 p.m. to the 2800 block of Granada Circle in the Cold Spring Estates subdivision. That’s off Cold Spring Road south of West 30th Street on the city’s west side.

Katarzyna “Kathy” Szurkiewicz was at a nearby playground when she heard a girl screaming that two kids were in trouble in the lake. Szurkiewicz saw the two children in the water, jumped in fully clothed and swam about 8 to 10 feet to them, the release said. She grabbed both children by their jackets, put the girl on her chest, turned the boy face-up and swam with them to shore.

“At the shore she was met by an unidentified man who grabbed the non-responsive boy and began CPR,” allowing him to regain a pulse, the release said.

Szurkiewicz is the mother of four — ages 3, 9, 12 and 15 — and a volunteer who helps with dismissal at the nearby MTI – School of Knowledge. the release said. She was visiting a park helping with kids before rescuing the children.