Caught on camera: Students disciplined after fight at Lawrence North

Screenshot of fight at Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, posted Nov. 14, 2017, on YouTube.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Lawrence Township Schools officials are describing the actions of students in a Tuesday fight caught on video as “entirely unacceptable.”

Plus, students in the fight have been disciplined and expelled.

A video titled “Lawrence North High School Fight (2017) HIGH SCHOOL BRAWL” was posted Tuesday on YouTube.

Dana Altemeyer, coordinator of communications for Lawrence Township Schools, issued this statement Tuesday night:

“The behavior demonstrated by several students outside of our one of our high schools yesterday was entirely unacceptable. As evidenced in this unfortunate video, security guards were close by and were able to break up the altercation and quickly involve building administration. The principal was on site, immediately became involved, and has made direct contact with those students and their parents.

“The internet, specifically social media, has facilitated a public platform for the glorification of unacceptable behavior, as evidenced in this video.  Acts of youth aggression and violence in schools and the subsequent internet and media attention reflect issues that must be dealt with in our community, starting at home.

“Full disciplinary measures are being taken against those students involved, and they will not be returning to Lawrence North High School.”