New Indiana quarter features George Rogers Clark

(WTWO Photo)

Vincennes, Ind. (WTWO) — The new Indiana quarter has been unveiled and it features a very important part of history in the Wabash Valley and the nation.

The United States Mint released the quarter on Tuesday at the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park in Vincennes.

It depicts three frontiersmen under command of Colonel George Rogers Clark as they cross the flooded Wabash River to confront the British at Fort Sackville in 1779.

Officials at the park couldn’t be more excited for this historical event to represent Indiana.

“It’s a people story,” said Frank Doughman, the superintendent at the park. “It’s about the guys and what they did. Wading through chest deep ice water in the middle of the wintertime to attack a British fort, hundreds of miles from their homes.”

The coin was designed by artist Frank Morris. He says so much of what goes into the design process is research and that he really enjoyed learning about George Rogers Clark.

“This really is the convergence of art and history, and I’m so proud that I have a little hand in the visual record of all these events in our nation’s history,” said Morris.

Representatives from the National Park Services, United States Mint and Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch were in attendance. About 800 students were also there to witness the historical unveiling.