Affidavit reveals details in child molestation case against Indianapolis councilman

Jeffrey Miller. (Provided Photo/Indianapolis Metropolitan Poilce Department)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Constituents and colleagues called for an Indianapolis councilman’s resignation in the wake of his arrest on child molestation charges as revealing details about the case emerged from court documents obtained by 24-Hour News 8.

Jeffrey Miller, a second-term District 16 representative, is described as a hands-on single father with a self admitted fear of interacting with women, according to witness statements detailed in a 14-page probable cause affidavit.

He stated repeatedly to a detective that he was “petrified” of adult women, according to the document, and said he had not had sex in at least six years.

Miller’s documented behavior around his 10-year-old son’s female friends suggests no fear of underage girls. He played house with the children, took them to Dairy Queen or the YMCA, offered to drive them to and from their homes, gave one of them an $80 birthday present, massaged different parts of their bodies, brushed their hair and gave them piggyback rides as part of a game he called “ride the wild Jeff beast.”

The two girls who accused Miller, 50, of fondling them are both 10 years old and spent time at his house playing with his son. Miller said he had known one of the fifth graders for about a year and the other “since she was in kindergarten,” according to the affidavit. He told authorities he considered both of their parents to be family friends.

The alleged fondling occurred primarily during massages and piggyback rides between September 1 and October 20 at Miller’s residence, court documents revealed. He had amassed “a whole basket” of massage tools including a vibrating massager, a spiked massager and a hand-shaped scratcher with a smiley face on it. Miller would initiate the massages and often massaged one girl while watching her play computer games, a witness said.

The child told investigators Miller had massaged her upper thighs where the legs meet the groin and touched her bra by slipping his hand underneath her shirt. She described the contact as a “bad touch” and said she asked to him to stop at least once. She tried squirming away and telling him she “only likes massages on her feet,” she told an interviewer at the Child Advocacy Center. She also said Miller patted her rear on multiple occasions, although “never at her house when he drops her off” and only at his residence, according to the affidavit.

The other girl involved in the case said Miller massaged her feet and back using massage tools. She told her mother Miller “grabbed her butt” during a piggyback ride, court documents revealed. She told him to stop but he “kept doing it,” she added, telling her mother she felt uncomfortable and did not want to talk about it anymore.

Miller did not dispute the majority of the children’s claims during an interview with authorities detailed in the affidavit, telling a detective, “I don’t believe either of them would say something that they don’t believe is true.”

However, he denied intentionally touching the girl’s bra and said he did not have sexual thoughts while massaging the children.

When asked by the detective if the children enjoyed the massages, Miller responded, “Absolutely. It’s fun to know that somebody enjoys something and there’s a real release when your back, your legs, your feet, your arms, the head, especially, you know… oooo, right there. Incredible.”

Miller said he was “desperately sorry” after being told one girl had perceived the physical contact as sexual. He stated, “I’m not debating that.

Miller, a member of the Republican Party, was first elected in 2011 to the City-County Council of Indianapolis-Marion County. He won reelection in 2015.

Local Republican leaders moved to distance themselves from the disgraced councilman within hours of his arrest on Friday.

“I called him and I demanded that he resign his seat from the Indianapolis City-County Council,” said Marion County Republican Chairman Jim Merritt. “It is up to him now to write me a letter… resigning. I expect that to be on my desk on Monday morning.”

Miller is charged with three counts of child molestation, a felony punishable by up to 12 years in prison.

Miller and his attorney did not return calls for comment from 24-Hour News 8.