Hoosiers embarking on citywide Star Wars scavenger hunt

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Star Wars enthusiasts across Indianapolis are embarking on a 12-day, citywide scavenger hunt for hand-painted coffee mugs inspired by the saga.

The one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces include Chewbacca, Boba Fett and R2D2 designs. Each is filled with ten exclusive tickets to a private IMAX showing of The Force Awakens ahead of the Episode VIII release.

Although the unique artistry of the designs may seem to be from a galaxy far, far away, the mugs are crafted locally by the anonymous Indianapolis artist behind the @Indy_Mugs Instagram account.

The scavenger hunt, organized by The IMAX Theater in the Indiana State Museum, runs from November 25 until December 6. One mug will be hidden each day at a location in Indianapolis, with clues shared at 11:30 a.m. on the @IMAXIndy Instagram account.

“Star Wars is a global phenomenon and this is our local twist on it,” explained theater manager Craig Mince. “A local artist makes these mugs and we’re hiding them in special locations around town… You can watch Star Wars anywhere but you can’t get involved in something interactive on such a large scale like this anywhere else.”

Fans hoping to purchase similar mugs are out of luck. The unnamed artist avoids selling pieces in order to preserve creative freedom.

“If I sell things I start to focus on what people want to buy instead of what I want to make,” the @Indy_Mugs user explained in an Instagram comment.

The first mug, hidden in a downtown coffee shop on Massachusetts Avenue, was found within minutes. Eleven more remain to be claimed, as of press time.

May the force be with you, scavenger hunters!