New satellite office could make child support payments easier in Marion County

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has a track record of collecting child support payments. In 2016, the office collected nearly $100 million.

The office has set up satellite offices across the city where parents can make payments instead of making them downtown at the prosecutor’s office.

“It is hard sometimes for people to access our downtown office. You know what downtown is like, you have to have transportation, you have to find a place to park, it is hustle and bustle,” said John Owens, deputy prosecutor of child support in Marion County.

Currently there is a proposal on the table for the prosecutor’s office to add a satellite office on the city’s northwest side at 71st Street and Michigan Road. If approved, the office would go inside the Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center at Crooked Creek.

For years the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has maintained an office at Flanner House, located in the 2400 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Street. There are also child support satellite offices for the county at the Center Township Trustee’s Office.

According to a prosecutor’s spokesperson, prosecutors would like to add an office on the north side of the county.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office currently carries a child support caseload of 52,983. Lake County is next with about 22,075.

Owens added that the satellite offices are designed to get children the support they need.

“There are families that if they didn’t have child support that is paid to them, they literally don’t have food to put on the table or a place to stay,” said Owens.