Plainfield reinstates police captain despite complaints about her comment

A Plainfield Police Department officer was placed on administrative leave after her comments at a training session. (Photo from Provided Video/Plainfield Police Department)


Plainfield Police Department issued this statement Thursday night:

“The decision was made by the Plainfield’s Board of Police Commissioners to reinstate Captain Webber to her current position. The Plainfield Police Department fully supports the training that was held to embrace the diversity in our community. The safety and security of the visitors and residents of the Town of Plainfield remains our first priority. We want to thank our officers that day-in an day-out provide the same level of professional service to every member of our community.”

The town of Plainfield also issued a statement:

The decision was made by Plainfield’s Board of Police Commissioners to issue a letter of reprimand but reinstate Captain Weber to her current position. The Town respects the Commissioners’ authority to make this personnel decision. The Town of Plainfield has been and continues to be proud of our participation in sensitivity and cultural training. Plainfield is an inclusive community and while we regret this situation occurred, we welcome the resolution of this matter.


PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — A Plainfield police officer is on administrative leave after several people filed complaints about an offensive comment she made.

Using Indiana’s public access laws, I-Team 8 got a copy of video from the Plainfield Police Department’s transgender awareness training. We also got copies of complaints about what Capt. Carri Weber said at the training that detail what happened.

According to the complaints, the training on November first was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice and attended by people from Plainfield police, Plainfield Schools, the town and the Hendricks County Prosecutor’s Office. During the training, one man was asking questions and you can hear Weber say he doesn’t understand because of “white male privilege.” She repeats it twice, and the room gets loud. The video show a female police officer conducting the training, but does not show Weber.

  • MAN’S VOICE: My wife has never been part of police violence, most people that I know have never accused the police of violence.
  • WEBER: That’s because of white male privilege.
  • MAN’S VOICE: So I guess I don’t get where that statistic comes from.
  • WEBER: Because your white male privilege, so you wouldn’t know.
  • MAN’S VOICE: I’m sorry?
  • WEBER: Because of your white male privilege.
  • MAN’S VOICE: Wow, I’m done with this training.

Captain Weber was in trouble in August. The then-assistant police chief was suspended for violating policy by having alcohol in her squad car and driving her squad car within eight hours of drinking. I-Team 8 learned the city and the police chief cannot do much about it: Any punishment more than a five-day suspension has to go before the Plainfield Board of Police Commissioners. We are working to get a hold of the police commissioners.

Weber is on administrative leave while the board investigates what happened at that training and what comes next.