Caught on camera: Packages stolen off front porches in Plainfield

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) – Plainfield police are asking for your help as they work to track down those responsible for stealing packages off of front porches.

It is primarily happening in the northwest part of town, and some cases were caught on camera.

Plainfield police have taken eight reports of stolen packages in the past week. Three of them were caught on home security cameras.

Police say they are looking into the possibility that the same person or group of people is responsible for the thefts.

“We’ve had a lot of packages delivered, never had a problem here in the past,” said Paul Haveck, a Plainfield resident.

Haveck was surprised when Amazon confirmed that a package containing a small toy for his grandson had been delivered, but the box was nowhere to be found.

“We went, looked around to make sure it didn’t blow off on the porch. It was just gone,” said Haveck.

He said the toy was only worth about $20, but others may not have been as lucky.

“You always see these types of cases in the news around the holiday season,” said Capt. Jill Lees with Plainfield Police Department.

Detectives are trying to find the people in the videos before they target another home.

“I’m sure that they are looking for an opportunity. Crimes like this obviously don’t happen without an opportunity and if packages are left on a porch, especially during this time of the season, people are targeting those areas that are getting a high volume of Christmas gifts delivered to their homes,” said Lees.

Lees recommends tracking your package each step of the way so you know when it will be delivered. If you’re not home, ask a trusted neighbor to bring it inside for you.

You can also have you packages delivered to your office.

The Havecks say they’ll be looking into tips like those as they finish their Christmas shopping.

“We will probably still do some online, just look at it, probably just have it delivered to my work instead of delivered here to the home. I know a lot of it she [his wife] does on Amazon. They have a locker program; we may check in to that,” said Haveck.

If you have any information on who the people in the video are, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-2626-TIPS.