Councilor facing child molesting charges attends City-County Council meeting

Indianapolis councilor Jeff Miller attends a meeting of the City-County Council on Dec. 4, 2017. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis City-County councilor charged with child molesting appeared in a Hendricks County court Monday, then hours later attended a council meeting in downtown Indianapolis.

Jeff Miller returned to council chamber for the first time since being charged with three counts of child molesting.

Some councilors had nothing to say on camera when asked about Miller being at the council meeting. Despite Republican leaders calling for his resignation, the councilor carried on with city business.

Councilor Jeff Miller took his seat in council chamber Monday night. He walked right in and did not answer any questions from the media about the allegations against him.

Miller has not said anything publicly since being charged last month. The council meeting on Monday night was pretty routine.

During the meeting, councilors heard several proposals including one for an economic development. The plan is for a four-story building with apartment units, on-site parking, a fitness center and outdoor recreational facilities at West Michigan Street and North White River Parkway West Drive. Miller is the cosponsor of the proposal.

While the criminal charges have not stopped Miller from attending the council meeting or community events, the minority leader said Miller would be a distraction.

Members of the City-County Council committee on committees voted to remove and replaced Miller from three committees: public works, metropolitan development and community affairs.

“My position is still the same. I’ve asked Jeff to resign his position so we can get a councilor on there who will be able to attend the community meetings that are necessary to be a good representative or a good councilor for the area. I renew my request for him to resign,” said Michael McQuillen, minority leader.

Miller made comments about several proposals during the meeting.

Miller sent an email to constituents last week talking about committees. He said regardless of which committees he serves on in the future he will always be at any meetings that impact the quality of life of neighborhoods in Indianapolis.