“Take a coat, leave a coat” project aims to keep people warm for winter

(WLFI Photo)

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — A project in Delphi is helping keep people in need warmer this winter.

It’s called “Take A Coat, Leave A Coat.” It’s sponsored by The Andersons, Incorporated.

Free coats are stored at a small booth on the corner of Washington and Franklin.

Andersons employee Joseph Reed came up with the idea after seeing a “take a book, leave a book” booth.

Reed says several people have donated coats since it was set up Saturday.

“We’re constantly watching it, and it is getting a lot of rotation for the first week. Hopefully, that continues, and people in need can come get it anytime,” said Reed. “It’s a really good feeling to know that the community is receptive of it and appreciates it and the effort. Also that you have a company that will do the same. So, it’s a very nice fit.”

Donating is as simple as putting a coat on an empty hanger in the booth.

You can also help by dropping off coats at Hometown Shirts and Graphix or CarQuest Automotive Supply.