The Film Yap reviews what’s new in theaters this weekend

Oscar season is upon us and two new contenders open locally this weekend.

The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd reviews the new group of films opening in theaters today:

Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman is a sure-fire Oscar nominee for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in the early days as prime minister, when the Nazis appeared poised to swarm over all of Europe.”

The Disaster Artist

James Franco directs and stars as Tommy Wiseau, the oddball auteur behind “The Room,” which many call “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.” Inspired, funny, though it doesn’t really scratch below the surface of its characters.”

 Just Getting Started

Another in the burgeoning genre of “oldsters getting frisky,” all of which are contractually obligated to include Morgan Freeman in the cast. Here he takes on Tommy Lee Jones in a competition to see who can be top alpha dog of the retirement community.”

My Friend Dahmer

A look at the life of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer as a youngster in high school. Didn’t they already do this as an “SNL” skit with Matt Damon as a young Hannibal Lecter?”

Despicable Me 3

As adult entertainment, the franchise has run out of steam. But there’s still plenty of antics and gastrointestinal humor to delight kiddies.” Stream It.


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