4 officers hailed as heroes for stopping NYC pipe bomb suspect

Officers Sean Gallagher, Drew M. Preston, John "Jack" F. Collins and Anthony Manfredini.

NEW YORK (WFLA) — Authorities have identified the four police officers who stopped a man with a crude pipe bomb on a New York City subway system.

Port Authority police officers Sean Gallagher, Drew Preston, John Collins and Anthony Manfredini are being hailed as heroes for rushing to the scene when the pipe bomb went off Monday morning during rush hour.

The bomb did not go off all the way, and only the suspect suffered serious injuries.

The four officers placed the 27-year-old suspect under arrest at the scene.

He told authorities he wanted to retaliate for United States action against Islamic State extremists. Investigators say the suspect looked at IS propaganda online, but did not have any known contact with militants. They believe he acted alone.