State police join a hurting family to keep a murder case alive

Sherese Bingham (Photo Provided by family)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Five years ago Sherese Bingham went on a walk.

She took a stroll in White River State Park with her two guard dogs by her side.

Someone approached Bingham and shot and killed her right in front of her dogs.

In the aftermath, family members suspected the killer would be someone Bingham and her dogs knew well, because the were very protective.

Indiana State Police took over the case, and later detectives arrested Bingham husband; however, investigators had to release him after a lack of evidence.

Five years later, Bingham’s family stood near the same spot where she was fatally shot.

They held signs and pictures of Bingham, they even did a Facebook Live post on their efforts to draw attention to the case.

Indiana State Police First Sgt. Rich Myers added the investigation isn’t closed, and that detectives are still looking at detail surrounding the case.

“We are looking at everything all aspects of it, we know there is one piece of evidence that we need people to come forward with that piece of information,” Myers said.

Bingham’s brother, Keith Walker, is leading efforts to keep his sister’s case on the front page. In an interview, he told 24-Hour News 8 that he is determined to the keep the case alive.

“Only way I’m going to give up is when the Lord takes me away from here. Every day I’m fighting for her,” Walker said.