Winter Running Tips

Not a big fan of the cold but still want to get your running in? NO MATTER how chilly those falling temps are, Tori Schuh, VP of Events & Marketing, Fishers Running Club, and Mike Wilson, Manager, The Runners Forum, share some tips to get you moving this winter!

1) Winter running gear: LAYERS!  It is important to layer appropriately in the cold weather.  Additionally wearing the appropriate gloves, hats, socks etc. are very important in preventing frost bite and cold weather issues/stress on your body.

2) Winter safety running tips:  Headlamps, Road Conditions and Running with a group (Fishers Running Club segway).

3) The Fishers Running (and walking!) Club: Northeast side running/walking club.  Membership rates: $250/Lifetime, $40/Yearly Membership, $100/Family Membership. All levels and paces welcome.  Walkers strongly encouraged. Currently in the PARK TO PARK series on Saturday morning at 8AM.  Also run/walk on Wednesday nights from Fall Creek & Brook School Road at 7PM.  Follow us on all social media platforms to get up to date info on runs. All info on website.

To learn more, visit:

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