5-year-old girl on a mission to make Christmas better for others

Photo of little girl working to help others this Christmas. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A little girl in Indianapolis is at work to make a big difference this holiday season.

She has really taken it to heart that it is better to give than to receive.

The McKee family of Indianapolis has four children. They adopted a family this Christmas to shop and buy toys for them. They adopted the family through The Lord’s Pantry.

Kathleen McKee said all four of her children really enjoyed buying for others but her five-year-old daughter Millie really took it serious.

“I’m sure happy that the kids all know the Christmas spirit and they want to give to other people and Millie is going to have a very good donation to give to the Lord’s Pantry,” Kathleen McKee.

Millie wanted to continue to buy toys so her mother said she would have to do something to raise money. Little Millie decided she would make and sell bath bombs.

“I’m selling bath bombs so everyone can have a nice Christmas,” said Millie.

McKee posted on Facebook about what her daughter wanted to do. She said she had no idea they would get such a big response. She said they have gotten hundreds of orders since Millie started a week ago.

The bath bombs will be sold for $4. The money raised will go towards buying toys and items for The Lord’s Pantry. For more information visit Millie’s Bath Bombs on Facebook.