Monday Mailbag: Gift ideas for the person on the go

Know a person who’s constantly on the move? Can’t stop moving about? Check out these great products!  

Whirly Board,

Here’s more on what makes Whirly Board so awesome:

  • Top Rated – Whirly Board was picked as one of 2017’s top balance boards by Best Products.
  • Bonus Points – You can pivot off 3 balance points on the board, not just 1 like most other boards. This makes for lots of fun possibilities and means you’ll never get bored!
  • Improves Skills – Helps build balance, core strength, agility, spatial awareness, stability and other skills necessary for mastery of all board sports and helpful in other sports too.
  • Made to Last – Crafted with durable materials and indestructible 1-piece construction. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

About Whirly Board:

Whirly Board was founded by outdoor loving, board sport aficionado Erik Olsen who had a vision for a better balance board. Olsen’s early attempts came to life in his Wisconsin garage and involved a lot of sawing and grinding to cut a bowling ball in half to use for the center balance point and cleave a pool ball for the outer pivot points. Olsen attached the balls to a skateboard deck thus creating the first prototype.  Today, Whirly Board has grown and the parts are made elsewhere but they’re still assembled with care and dedication in Olsen’s Wisconsin garage.

For more information on Whirly Board visit

Sport Eyewear,

Balancing the fusion of timeless design and technology defines the Wayfinder model. You only carry with you what’s necessary and highlight your sports-inspired lifestyle with a distinguished fashion statement. Tech features are incorporated into these frames in an understated way and are nonetheless still a defining feature of these snazzy and ultra-lightweight frames.

  • SPX® frame
  • Double-Snap Nose Pads™
  • Traction Grip™
  • Vision Advantage™ polycarbonate lens
  • Compatible with prescription lenses

Pixie locator,

“Where did I place my keys,” is likely a phrase both you and Indy Style’s viewers have uttered. But no more. Pixie is an item finder that uses an iPhone and augmented reality to show the location of a lost item. Think of it like Pokemon Go for your belongings.

Tag keys, wallets, luggage or pets with a Pixie Point. When it goes missing, scan the room and follow the app to it’s exact location – even if it’s behind a wall or buried beneath a couch cushion.

Achieving Peace of Find™ – How Pixie Works

Unlike outdated Bluetooth trackers that only rely on beeps to guide people to lost items, Pixie is a two-

in-one finder using both visual and audio methods to guide people directly to objects. It uses Pixie

PointsTM, advanced tags that give everyday physical items a digital identity that can be located in moments. To Pixify items, one Pixie Point is attached to an iOS device with additional points affixed to everything from keys, wallets, remotes, toys, passports and luggage. Items can then be found using the powerful Pixie App.