To Give or To Get: Gifts for fashionable kids

Cute, cute, cute! Check out these “snazzy” products for the littlest people in your life!  

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock 

Over 24,000 children a year are treated in hospital because of shopping cart related injuries.

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock is an innovative hammock keeps baby snug, safe and secure while mom and dad shop. The simple to use seat clips on to most shopping carts and allows parents to place items under baby. At the end of the trip, the seat folds up and can be tucked into a diaper bag, quickly and easily. And there’s plenty of room to place groceries and other items underneath.

Binxy Baby can even be used with baby’s carseat! While it’s unsafe to place a car seat on the cart, as it’s not balanced and could tip, Binxy Baby can hold an infant car seat, making those midwinter bundled up trips easier and secure, with the included safety star.

Can also be used with twins as they can be placed right next to each other in the cart.

Binxy Baby is available in several stylish colors and patterns including: Full Bloom and Indigo Dream (the newest additions), Triangle, Grey and Aqua Quatrefoil and classic Black.

Available for $49.95 at

BILLY Footwear™

Keep feet looking hot when it’s cold outside this holiday season thanks to a new line of super stylish sneakers for kids and adults.  BILLY Footwear™ offers the season’s perfect gift for kids of all ages. This amazing and ingenious new line would be what happened if VANS married DC Shoes.  The creative, adaptive design fuses fashion and function together as it features zippers that run along the side of the shoes and around the toe.  This innovative FlipTop technology, gives the wearer a fun and easy way to put on and take off their shoes. No more pressing on the big toe area to see how snug or lose the shoe is in terms of fit.  With BILLY Footwear™ you can see right inside the shoe letting you know exactly where toes rest and how much room is inside. The line is perfect for kids or adults who might have trouble getting shoes on and off, as well as anyone who wants a fantastic, comfortable pair of stylish shoes! BILLY Footwear™ promotes universal design, meaning they both appeal to and work for everyone! Children’s, men’s and women’s styles are available. The line is found at select Nordstrom locations, on, as well as online at

Party Dresses,

Our Story: My name is Kim Landi, I am a mommy to two beautiful girls, and have been a lover of fashion since I was a child myself. I love to express myself through my clothing and accessories, and I truly believe that fashion statements speak louder than words. Fashion provides not only a creative outlet for me, it also gives me the opportunity to show my personality through bold and varying styles.

Fashion has brought me much strength and confidence over the years, and I want my children to exude that same confidence, day in and day out. Every little girl should feel as beautiful outside as they are inside, and always put their best foot forward in anything they do.