Workout Wednesday: The 12 Workouts of Christmas

Start singing!! Today’s Wednesday Workout? A spin on “The 12 Days of Christmas.” On today’s Indy Style, Firefighter Tim shares his “12 Workouts of Christmas.” Now, get moving!!

“Holiday workout special”

This Workout Wednesday is a remake of the classic Christmas song 12 days of Christmas. Each day will represent the workout you will perform and just like the song you will continue to repeat the workout all the way through to the 12th day.

On the First day of Christmas my workout was to be…

One Standard upright burpee

Two goblet squats

Three Sit-ups

Four spider-mans

Five…..jumping jacks

Six hips a thrusting

Seven skaters speeding

Eight legs a lifting

Nine shoulders swinging

Ten Legs a lunging

Eleven diamond push-ups

Twelve mountain climbers

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