Docs: After losing his kids, Indy man calls DCS worker racial slurs, threatens to kill her family

Christopher Peacock. (Provided Photo/Indiana State Police)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Court documents have revealed an Indianapolis man threatened to kill a child services worker and her “whole family” after a hearing in which a judge removed his children from his care.

Christopher Peacock, 29, faces a charge of harassment after authorities say he repeatedly contacted the worker through text and voicemail messages, calling her a racial slur and making threats against her and her family.

The child services worker reported on July 6 that after she was present at a hearing in which a judge ruled to remove Peacock’s children from his custody, Peacock left her a voicemail message accusing her of abusing her power. He also said, “I hate your f**king *ss and I’ll kill your whole family, b**ch,” according to court documents.

The worker reported that Peacock sent her text messages on July 5 saying he knew where she lived and that he had put a tracking device on her car. He reportedly said, “maybe I take a trip and hang me a (N word),” as well as 15 messages that included the racial epithet.

Peacock remained in the Marion County Jail on Thursday evening.

His next appearance in court is scheduled for March 15, 2018.