250 members of Indiana National Guard to deploy to Kuwait

Indiana National Guard deploys (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Members of the Indiana National Guard are being deployed to Kuwait.

About 250 members of the 38th Sustainment Brigade will perform operations in countries such as Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq and Syria.

A departure ceremony will take place Tuesday at the Kokomo Event Center.

We spoke with the colonel who will be in charge of the mission and wants the families of the soldiers to know that she will take good care of them while overseas.

The colonel says she knows how hard deployment can be for loved ones.

“I couldn’t do what i do without my family’s supporting me, they make it easy for me to carry out my mission and not have to worry about what’s hapening at home,” said Col. Kimberly Martindale with Indiana National Guard.

The unit will go to Fort Hood for additional training before they’re sent overseas.