Dick Wolfsie visits historic Deering Cleaners, Animation Art Studio

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every week Dick Wolfsie shares an interesting and exciting story that has a special connection to central Indiana.

This week, Wolfsie stopped by the historic corner of 38th and Illinois. Wolfsie showcased a historic barbershop in the area recently.

Joanna Taft with the Harrison Center had a chance to detail the area for Wolfsie. Ken Knolton also spoke to Wolfsie about Deering Cleaners.

Afterward, Wolfsie spoke to Amani Tre Niner with Animation Art Studio about the art of the tattoo.

Amani also spoke on giving free art classes at the shop in the form of every art that exists such as painting, sculpting and architecture classes.

Olympic medalist Ashley Spencer even stopped by the shop to get some work done.

Check out the videos for more, as well as a fantastic performance!