IMPD horse patrol seeks $5 million for new location

Sgt. Allan Whitesell of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department stands with his horse Maddie at the Mounted Patrol facility on Jan. 10, 2018. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Mounted Patrol said it is in need of a new place to call home.

The unit said it is looking to raise money for a new place to work out of and house their horses. The current location, the unit said, is outdated and falling apart.

The group of seven officers work out of construction trailers that were donated years ago.

They said they are looking to raise $5 million for a brand-new location.

IMPD Sgt. Allan Whitesell said, “These horses are great animals. This is Maddie. She’s one of the fine ones here. This is my horse that I ride every day, and these horses are a great asset to the city, and we’re lucky as an event city to have a mounted patrol to help because tons of people come to the city, and we’re out there on every event and one of the first things they see is us.”

The unit said it has 11 horses and clocks hundreds of riding hours, including time during big events such as Black Expo, the Circle City Classic and the Indianapolis 500.

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