Ten Point Coalition patrols expand to Post Road on northeast side

The Rev. Charles Harrison of the Ten Point Coalition said it'll take time to gain trust in patrols along Post Road on the northeast side but it's worth it. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Ten Point Coalition made its presence known in a new neighborhood Wednesday night.

The peacemakers could be seen walking the streets near Post Road from 38th to 42nd streets on the northeast side. It was part of the coalition’s expansion into new neighborhoods, and members began to build relationships along Post Road.

The Rev. Charles Harrison said it’ll take time to gain trust but it’s worth it.

“One of the leading pastors in this neighborhood invited us to come over and to bring the Ten Point model into this area,” Harrison said. “They were looking at the Butler-Tarkington and Crown Hill model and they felt like we could replicate that over here, so he wanted us to start in 2018, so that’s why we’re here!”

The coalition received $50,000 last month from the Indiana Attorney General to expand its reach to new neighborhoods. They’ll be on Post Road four nights a week.