Butcher trapped in freezer uses sausage to bash his way out

NUREMBERG, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 25: Traditional Nuernberger Rostbratwuerste sausages lie on a grill prior to the opening of the 2016 Nuremberg Christmas Market on November 25, 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany. Christmas markets are opening across Germany this week in a tradition that dates back centuries. For the next four weeks the Christmas markets, which are usually located on the main square of the hosting town or village, will provide holiday cheer with mulled wine, sausages, Christmas ornaments and other delights. (Photo by Lennart Preiss/Getty Images,)

LONDON (AP) — A British butcher who got locked in a freezer says he was saved by a frozen sausage that he used as a battering ram.

Chris McCabe says he became trapped in the walk-in freezer at his shop in Totnes, southwest England, last month when wind blew the door shut. The safety button to open the door had frozen in the -20 C (-4 F) chill.

McCabe said he tried unsuccessfully to kick the button free before picking up a 1.5 kilogram (3.3 pound) black pudding, a form of blood sausage.

McCabe told website Devon Live that he used the meaty tube “like a battering ram” and managed to unstick the button after several blows.

The grateful butcher told the Daily Mirror: “Black pudding saved my life, without a doubt.”