What’s ahead after the storm: refreezing ice on streets

A man identified only as Tommy spent part of Jan. 12, 2018, shoveling snow from a parking lot and sidewalk near South Meridian and East Palmer streets. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The winter storm Friday caused power outages, messy road conditions and school cancellations across the state.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works had 80 drivers out and about working from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. They have been treating and plowing the snow across the city. But the main concern going into this weekend is the possible ice left behind for the city and many residents.

“Well, I’m just glad it’s not arctic out here,” said Tommy, who lives in Indianapolis.

Tommy spent Friday evening shoveling snow from this parking lot and sidewalk near South Meridian and East Palmer streets.

“I’m actually thinking the faster I get done, the quicker I can get back into where it’s warm, and thanks to this double-wide (shovel) right here I can clear a sidewalk in two to three passes,” he said.

He got a phone call Friday to help his church group.

“I do volunteer work, and they asked me if I could come over and help them shovel snow and spread salt, and I thought, ‘yeah, well, sure, why not.’ I mean, other than I’d be hiding indoors waiting until this weather is over with,” he said.

From shoveling snow to scraping ice to slipping on ice, Ruth Sherlock said she doesn’t think the weather is that bad.

“Now ya’ll should have been out here when it was, what, 2 below,” said Sherlock, who lives in Indianapolis.

The winter storm system was to move out of the state by Friday night, but the work isn’t over for Indianapolis Department of Public Works.

“We know that we laid salt down. We’re going to give it time to work, but, because of that, there’s going to be a chance of refreezing,” said Warren Stokes, who is the department spokesperson. “So, we want to make sure we’re applying salt where necessary and really making sure we’re taking care of that.”

Stokes said a new shift was to start at 11 p.m. Friday with dozens of salt trucks working to prevent a mess going into the weekend.

“Oh, my goodness. I mean you figure everything’s fine it looks good until you get pass that little inch of that crusty layer of snow and then you realize, ‘oh, a couple inches thick of ice,’ ‘oh, that’s not nice,'” Tommy said.

The Indiana State Emergency Operation Center has been activated to Enhanced Level 3, which means the state called in different resources to help monitor and assess the winter storm.

The Emergency Opeartions Center is normally at a level four for daily operation.