Celebrating National Soup Month with Firefighter Tim’s Cajun Ham and Bean Soup

Ask Firefighter Tim Griffin about this recipe, and he’ll tell you it isn’t just your plain old white beans and ham soup  – this is a full flavor soup sure to make the family happy during these cold months. Tim says it’s one of those recipes while it’s cooking that will fill the whole house with delicious aromas sure to leave your family with great memories!

Cajun ham and mix bean soup

Beans:  use dry bag of 15 bean soup or use a variety of beans you like


Ham:  you can use meet from left over ham or use diced ham, or both

Spicy v8: 40 ounces

Beef broth: 30 ounces

Yellow onion: 1

Red onion : 1/2

Minced garlic: 1 tbsp

Salt/ pepper: to taste

Tony Chacchere’s creole seasoning, or your favorite Cajun seasoning: 1 tblsp

Garlic powder:1 tbsp

If you use dry mix package of beans soak for sever hours prior to use. Pour beans, beef broth, and Spicy V8 into pot. Start to simmer. Dice onions and sauté with minced garlic. Add to pot. Next add Tony Charchere Cajun seasoning, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Finally add you ham and ham bone if you have one. Let cook on medium and low for the next several hours or until beans are soft. Make sure to stir every so often to keep from burning.  Remove bone before serving and add any meat from it to the soup.

Nutritional information for pregnant women:

Amy Nicely: Nurse practitioner & functional medicine provider

– Eat your rainbow in fruits & veggies daily! The many Phytonutrients in fruits and veggies are vital for healthy baby dev

– spinach, arugula, and kale for iron, calcium, and vitamin K

– free range eggs are the best source of choline, choline is vital for baby brain development and lowers risk for neural tube defects

– beans & lentils – rich in fiber, iron, zinc, and folate

– cultured organic dairy products for probiotics promoting healthy gut flora for Mom & baby

– chia seeds and ground flax

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