Coyotes move into Indianapolis neighborhoods

A coyote is spotted in a neighborhood near East 71st Street and Binford Boulevard in northeast Indianapolis. (Provided Photo from Video/Devin Mandel)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Several neighbors have been reporting coyotes roaming around.

They’re being spotted during the day and in busier residential areas around Indianapolis. Communities are taking to social media websites like Nextdoor to warn their neighbors.

One woman, who did not want to appear on camera, shared video of her neighborhood near East 71st Street and Binford Boulevard. The video shows two coyotes. They appear to be frolicking through the subdivision. It’s the middle of the day.

Manila Burki lives nearby. “That becomes scary because I know that people walk here. People run here. This is basically daytime.”

Coyote sightings are popping up all around town, and the animals are not staying away from residential areas.

“They have to come and get them and maybe find a place where they can be where there is enough food for them,” Burki said.

Not everyone wants to see them moved. Not far away is Just Us Stables, where they take care of horses.

“I just like riding horses. They’re calm. It’s a great job. Nobody yells at me in the morning. Everybody’s happy to see me,” Just Us Stables manager Scott Sumner said and then laughed.

Scott does not just care for horses, but he looks after the coyotes as well.

“They’ll come walking right across the field, come right between the horses. Horse might look at them, but they’re part of their habitat,” Summer said.

Whether you want them to stay or not, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has information in the event you encounter a coyote. That includes:

  • Make yourself look big; yell, make noise and throw small items — rocks, for example — if you can.
  • Keep dogs on a leash, especially if you spot a coyote.
  • Never corner a coyote.

“They have the right to live here, too, as long as they’re not disturbing anybody,” Summer said. “I think people should look at them and say, hey great. We’ve got wildlife here in the city.”