Officials: Florida man put gun to girl’s head after picking her up from school

(WFLA Photo)

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (WFLA) — A 21-year-old is behind bars after deputies say he picked a girl up from a New Port Richey school and later put a gun to her head.

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office says Nathan Constant picked the girl up from Mitchell High School before school let out for the day on Jan. 25.

After picking the girl up, Constant drove her to a vacant parking lot. Deputies say he then took a handgun out of his trunk and pressed the barrel of the gun against the girl’s head several times and told her he would shoot her. While he was holding the gun, Constant said several times he should kill the girl, according to the arrest affidavit.

Constant then drove the girl to another place within the Longleaf Community. While they were driving, deputies say Constant told the girl there was a round in the chamber of the gun and said he would have killed her if he had pulled the trigger.

Once they were at the second location, deputies say Constant put the handgun in his waistband but kept it visible to the girl as he continued threatening to shoot her.

According to the arrest report, Constant recorded a Snapchat video showing the gun in his waistband. The video also showed the girl in the background.

Deputies spoke with two of Constant’s friends who saw the video. One of the friends told investigators it appeared Constant was “intimidating” the girl with the gun while telling the viewers he was going to have sex with her.

Constant was arrested at his home in Port Richey on Saturday for aggravated assault and battery.