Greenwood mayor considers fining conductors for long waits at railroad crossings

(WISH Photo)

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — The city’s mayor wants to fine train conductors for making people wait too long at railroad crossings.

According to Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers, conductors can expect to pay a fine anywhere between $160 and $250 if they delay drivers by ten minutes or more. The fines would average around $200.

Just feet away from Sports Plus is a railroad track that runs across busy Main Street.

“There’s been days, maybe three to four days a month where there’s a train that’s just stopped in the railroad tracks,” said Sports Plus owner Scott Beasley.

Beasley added that he’s had to wait sometimes up to 30 minutes for the train to finish passing.

“It’s frustrating and you see a lot of people turning around, pulling around,” Beasley said.

Mayor Myers said he’s had enough, and is ready to start issuing fines, which would likely go to conductors.

“What’s my goal? To get the attention, to make sure that the dispatcher, wherever he may be, in Louisville or Indiana, they understand, don’t block intersection,” Myers said.

The fine isn’t a new thing. In fact, according to Myers, its state law. What’s new is new is enforcing it.

“We need to start enforcing that to let them know we’re serious about this. I care about public safety and I care about the citizens,” Myers said. “The only way to do that is to force the railroad to abide by the law.”

Munster is one city in the state that already issues fines. Mayor Myers hopes to get started right away.

24-Hour News 8 reached out to CSX, but they did not immediately respond.