Josh McDaniels vs. the internet after he turns down Colts coach job

The city's Communications Manager, Robert Herrington, said Feb. 7, 2018, that reaction to a tweet about Josh McDaniels turning down the Indianapolis Colts coaching job was "kind of overwhelming." (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The trolls are coming for you, Josh McDaniels. Internet trolls, that is.

From parody accounts to official government pages, the would-be Colts coach is taking heat from a wide variety of internet users.

The City of Noblesville tweeted a shot at McDaniels Tuesday night: “Unlike Josh McDaniels, we stay true to our commitments. Noblesville street crews will be out tonight once winter weather hits you can ‘do your job’ tomorrow.”

The city’s communications manager, Robert Herrington, said reaction to the tweet is “kind of overwhelming.”

“This is really the first time the city’s kind of let our hair down,” he said.

Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine volunteered for the coaching job via tweet under one condition: His friends in public safety are his assistant coaches.

“My staff is starting to assemble nicely. We would likely not require any kind of pay,” Perrin said in an interview Wednesday. “Maybe a nice doughnut buffet in the morning or something like that. We’d be good to go.”

It wouldn’t be a Colts story if the Civil War-era parody account, Capt. Andrew Luck, didn’t chime in with a tweet that starts, “Dearest Mother, I write with the most distressful news. The men have been hoodwinked.”

But “hoodwinked” isn’t the word fans are using.

“We’re angry,” Perrine said. “Because it seems like the Colts have been waiting on this guy. They agree to terms and, at the last second, he decides he’s out.”

Perrin followed up his first tweet with a hashtag: #PerrineForColtsHeadCoach.

Herrington was not applying for the job, but he did have one thing in common with his favorite team. Patriots fans don’t seem to like him.

“A lot of hate from Boston fans,” Herrington said. “Most of it’s been, ‘Save the salt for the roads.'”