Survey shows change in Valentine’s Day gifts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A Valentine’s Day consumer spending survey from the shopping app RetailMeNot has surprising details about what people are buying now a days for the holiday of love.

Although traditional gifts like chocolates, jewelry and flowers are still on the top five list of things that people are asking for for Valentine’s Day, according to the survey when it comes to the number one and number two spots, we’re seeing something different. Experiences are now number two and dinner out is number one.

Technically dinner out could be considered an experience, but experiences are more specifically a spa day or concert tickets, travel, plane tickets and a nice “staycation” at a hotel.

According to the research, 35 percent of people don’t buy their gifts until one or two days before, and people are planning on spending a lot of money. Sara Skirboll, from RetailMeNot, says the survey shows people spend an average of around $135.

“We’re certainly seeing a shift for sure,” said Skirboll. ” I mean, I would say a handful of years ago chocolates, flowers, jewelry would have been number one, number two, number three on the list, but these days dinners out, restaurants, foodies. The term “foodie” didn’t even exist five years ago, now it does. That’s why I definitely think there is a shift. When it comes to travel and plane tickets, people are wanting to explore and see the world, try new restaurants.”

At the Studio 2000 Salon and Spa in downtown Indianapolis, the owner, Kevin Williams, says he seeing a similar uptick with his business. He says especially in the last few years he has seen his appointments book up for the weekends before and after Valentine’s Day. Spa’s like his run specials so as to entice people to schedule a spa or salon appointment and it seems to be working.