Monday Mailbag: Causebox

Check out today’s Monday Mailbag, filled with a product just for women!

About Causebox:

– A seasonal delivery of 6-8 hand-curated products for women. Every product has a story and makes the world better. We’re on a mission to connect consumers with ethical, sustainable and thoughtful items that are beautiful well beyond their social consciousness.

· A different resolution: We’ve all heard “New Year, New You” hundreds of times by now. But how many people really stick to those resolutions? Instead, maybe we should look for opportunities to spread generosity and shop thoughtfully. Each CAUSEBOX product provides fair-trade employment to artisans, uses sustainable, all-natural ingredients and more.
· Socially conscious doesn’t mean less useful: It may be difficult to find lifestyle products that people truly want to invite into their lives, but it’s possible. CAUSEBOX collections feature jewelry, homewares, skincare and accessories that are beautiful, useful AND helpful.
One really cool fact — we provided full time, fair-trade employment to 67 women in India for a full year just via our partnership with the artisans that made the table runner in that box!

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