Public education rally held at Statehouse

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The future of public schools and public school students was the focus of a rally on Monday at the Statehouse.

There were a number of speakers and topics.

The focus was on publicly funded vouchers for students to attend private schools.

Among the speakers was a pastor from Texas who has a track record of helping to defeat similar legislation.

“We’ve heard every argument there is. It’s just a small percentage that will go to the voucher program. We believe vouchers are morally wrong. As I told a group from Fort Wayne today — and I hope it’s not too crass — if you had a spouse that cheating on you only 10 percent of the time, would that be OK?”  said Dr. Charles Luke with Pastors For Texas Children.

The pastor says he wants to start a organization in Indiana similar to the one he runs in Texas.