Carmel students post positive messages on every locker in Carmel High School

Photo of a note posted on a Carmel High School locker. (WISH Photo)

CARMEL. Ind. (WISH) — An act of kindness this week at one central Indiana school touched every one of the schools 5,100 students.

And it’s the timing of it that makes it extra special.

It’s been a tense couple of weeks at Carmel High School with more than 1,500 students staying home last Friday after reports of rumored threats. And this week, two high school students were arrested for allegedly threatening gun violence at the school.

But this all happened during a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge at the high school.

24 classes were picked to participate to come up with a way to spread kindness for $20.

Students in a ceramics class decided to post positive notes on every single locker in the school, positively impacting the students who received the notes and the students who wrote them.

“I thought this was important, too, considering some of the things that have been happening and just knowing that we’re all in a family at Carmel High School, just how cool it is to have a positive message on your locker,” said Aaliyah Thompson.

Carmel High School teacher Sarah Wolff says she hopes this is part of a bigger lesson for the students.

“Ya know, it randomly did align at a time when our school really needed it which is great. But I just hope it continues and a spark is lit and people can continue to pay it forward and do something as simple as give somebody a positive message that day and ya know, that may change the trajectory of their day or their life,” said Wolff.

The school is planning to show students a video on Tuesday of all of the acts of kindness the students performed.