IMPD, US Attorney announce dismantling of ‘large-scale’ drug ring

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Federal investigators and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said they used a slew of resources — confidential informants, cellphone wiretaps, controlled drug buys and hidden cameras — to bust a northeast side drug and gun ring.

Fourteen people are facing federal charges including conspiracy to deal controlled substances and illegal possession of a firearm.

Federal investigators and IMPD tracked the group for more than a year and served warrants across the northeast side Friday, including one at the home next door to a woman who asked to remain anonymous.

“I hope I’ve seen the last of them,” the woman said. “We just don’t need that type of environment in this neighborhood.”

Investigators said a confidential informant walked into the home near East 25th and North Rural streets and bought drugs from William Bobo and his friends in January.

The woman who asked to remain anonymous said she “saw a lot of traffic in and out of the house” over the past year.

Police said they’d tracked Bobo and his partners for months using surveillance and informants with hidden cameras. Detectives said the group sold thousands of dollars’ worth of guns and drugs from locations around the city.

While serving warrants Friday, investigators found meth, marijuana, $20,000, 29 cellphones and 10 guns, including an AK-47.

U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler, who announced the charges Tuesday, said one of his 2018 goals is to ramp up federal prosecutions of armed criminals in Indianapolis. Minkler said federal police can jump into a local case involving guns or drugs.

“If they are caught with the gun, they are going to face the federal hammer in this district. What does the ‘federal hammer’ mean?” Minkler said. “It means mandatory minimum sentences.”

Investigators called the busts “Operation Little Dipper.” They said some of the suspects are rappers who post online with the name “Stupid Star Entertainment.”

Court documents said one suspect posted Instagram pictures of criminal activity in the Rural Street home.

“This used to be a nice, safe neighborhood,” the woman who asked to remain anonymous said.

Police said they’d already arrested seven people in the investigation before Friday but the case was sealed. Minkler said, if convicted, the suspects could face up to 10 years in prison or more.

Throughout the investigation, officers arrested these Indianapolis residents: Devon Price, 31; William Bobo, 25: Michael Graham, 23; Alan Wann, 20; Dujuan Terry, 21; Ricky Wilburn, 24; Henry Phillips, 25; Mose Bell, 42; William Elliott, 24; Corey Gibson, 39; Tracy Hollowell, 23: Derrick Motley, 27; Jonathan Talley, 25; and Larry Wood, 43.