Beech Grove launches paramedicine program

Photo of a Beech Grove emergency vehicle. (WISH photo)

BEECH GROVE, Ind. (WISH) — The city of Beech Grove has launched a new program that aims to help people who just got out of the hospital get back on their feet.

The program is called Beech Grove Cares Community Paramedicine Program and is a partnership between the Beech Grove Fire Department and Community Health Network.

It will target the 55 and older population, which makes up about 35-40 percent of the city’s population, according to Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley.

“We want to focus on the aging community and when they’re discharged from the hospital, we want to make sure they are all right,” said Buckley.

Paramedics will be sent to resident’s homes who were just released from the hospital for daily check.

“Our goal is to go out, check their homes for trip hazards, make sure they’re taking their medicine, they’re smoke detectors working and anything that they need to do.  We want to try to accommodate them as much as we can,” he added.

The hope is to help those transition from their time at the hospital to back home.

“This will allow our paramedics to be able to go out in the community and be able to provide that extra resource to patients being released from the hospital. Not only will we be able to get in the home help them with their medications, but also look for trip hazards, check smoke detectors, and other preventative programs that we have,” said Fire Chief Rob Cheshire.

The service is free to Beech Grove residents. To request a visit, call 317-808-5604.