How the new tax reform will impact you

As tax season continues its steady march, people across the country are asking the same question: How is the newly-passed tax reform going to impact me? As is the case with most great questions, there’s more than one answer, which is why people are turning to the pros to seek advice.

According to a new survey of 3,000 Americans commissioned by H&R Block, 53% of people who use a tax professional said they prioritize knowledge of changes in the tax laws when considering a tax preparer, something that can help avoid mistakes and possible IRS audits as rules change.

The survey also found that perceptions of professionalism amongst tax preparers run deep in America. 38% of people who use a tax preparer said they believe that person probably prepares taxes or studies tax law changes—and not just on the job—but for fun on the weekends.

H&R Block’s Andrew Wagner shares survey results, tax tips and new options for forecasting the future of tax changes following reform.

About Andrew Wagner:

Andrew Wagner, H&R Block Senior Tax Advisor, has been preparing individual and small business tax returns since 2008. He enjoys working with clients and learning their goals and concerns, then connecting their lives to taxes. Wagner has extensive experience with small business tax returns and multiple state income, as well as working with clients across the globe.

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