Jury convicts Indianapolis bail bondsman in 2015 murder of 2 teens

A jury on March 2 convicted Kevin Watkins of murder in connection with the deaths of two teens on Christmas Eve 2015. (Photo Provided/IMPD)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A jury on Friday convicted an Indianapolis bail bondsman of two counts of murder in the December 2015 deaths of two teens, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office wrote in a release.

The trial for 51-year-old Kevin Watkins lasted five days. He faces charges of criminal confinement and impersonation of a public servant in an unrelated case.

Satori Dionne Williams, 16, and Timmee Jackson, 15, were last seen on Christmas Eve in 2015 leaving the home of a friend who lived near Watkins and had been threatened by Watkins in the past, according to the release.

On Dec. 25, Williams’ mother went searching for the teen and noticed blood on Watkins’ property, including on the front step and in the yard.

According to charging documents, Williams’ mother confronted Watkins about the blood and called police. Watkins reportedly told the mother he didn’t know anything about the blood.

A search warrant for the property turned up a rake covered in blood. Pieces of brain matter were found in Watkins’ front yard.

Clothes matching what Williams was last seen in were found in a bloody garbage bag in the back of Watkins’ vehicle.

The body of Timmee Jackson was located in February 2016 buried on the shore of a small pond on the city’s east side near Watkins’ bail bondsman business. The body of Satori Dionne Williams was located in April 2016 in a rural area of Shelby County.

Watkins was arrested on Dec. 26, 2015 and has remained at the Marion County Jail since his arrest.

Authorities determined the deaths were caused by chop wound injuries to the head of each victim inflicted by a tomahawk. The weapon was recovered by the Indianapolis Fire Department Dive Team from the east side pond which was searched after the discovery of Jackson’s body.

“This verdict is gratifying for many reasons, most importantly that it brings justice to the families of Timmee Jackson and Dionne Williams. They endured months of not knowing what happened to their loved ones, only to find that their worst fears were true. We mourn the senseless and tragic loss of these young men,” Prosecutor Terry Curry stated after the verdict was announced.

“Further, the conviction assures the public that Kevin Watkins will no longer be free to use his self-appointed position of power to threaten or injure others in our community.”

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for Mar. 23.