Witnesses recount Lebanon police chase, shooting of sheriff’s deputy

LEBANON, Ind. (WISH) — Witnesses in a Lebanon neighborhood saw and heard parts of a Friday morning police pursuit during which a sheriff’s deputy was mortally wounded.

24-Hour News 8 spoke to three witnesses who were able to help piece everything together, from the beginning when that initial search warrant was being served until those fatal shots were fired.

“I had just woke up and had my pants in my hand and my phone in the other. I go to open the door. They’re telling me put your hands up,” said Shelby McIntire.

McIntire said police handcuffed her as they attempted to serve a search warrant at her apartment complex.

Police say they were not able to locate their suspect Heidi Williams. But they say they spotted 28-year old John Baldwin Jr.

According to police, Baldwin Jr. was wanted on an outstanding warrant for probation violation for possession of a syringe.

“He put me in handcuffs and he kept asking me who lives in my apartment. I told him my girlfriend and my dogs. He was asking, ‘Does John Baldwin live here? I said ‘No, he does not,'” McIntire said.

Officers let McIntire go. She wasn’t charged or found to be connected. But there was quite a police presence in her neighborhood. Kelcy Christian captured the SWAT members on her phone’s camera.

“They just came out here to see if anyone was hiding,” said Christian.

Police spotted Baldwin Jr. They say he got into a car with two others and drove off, leading them on a chase.

Boone County Sheriff Deputy Jacob Pickett, 34, joined in on the chase.

Connie Vandevender saw the car speed through several times.

“You could just tell that they were running from something. You know something bad had happened because all the police,” she said.

Minutes into the chase, police say 55-year-old John Baldwin Sr. and 21-year-old Anthony Baumgardt got out while Baldwin Jr. kept driving.

And then, the unthinkable happened, “just a bang-bang,” said Vandevender.

She heard at least two gunshots. Pickett suffered a deadly wound while Baumgardt is expected to recover.

“That honest upsets me,” said McIntire.

A memorial has started at the Boone County Sheriff’s Office for Pickett.

Baldwin Sr. and Jr. are behind bars.

Once Baumgardt recovers, he’ll also be transported to the Boone County Jail.